Hi, I’m Dave – the East County Solar Guy! You may have seen me around town driving my van or perhaps at a Solar Open House or Solar Installation in your neighborhood.

My wife Sally and I have lived in East County for over 25 years. We raised our family here in El Cajon/RSD and have been entrenched in the community through friends, church, and community organizations.

Here's how my profession in the solar industry started.  I was interested in solar for my home and had been talking to different companies for about 2 years.  Then one day I had an appointment with Jeff Konek from Pure Solar Power.  He was the first person who had hit a grand slam home run with his presentation.  He was extremely articulate, communicated in easy to understand language, had a very professional demeanor and appearance, and was very confident and credible in answering questions. 

As a result, we used Pure Solar Power and installed Solar on our house on Vista Sierra Drive in May 2012.  We have been ecstatic with the reduced electric bills we receive monthly! When we received our first SDGE bill of $4.93, I can’t tell you how exciting that was! 

Actually, I can tell you how exciting that was for me.  I called Pure Solar Power and told them that I wanted to work for them and share my phenomenal story with others.  Fast forward, 2 years later our residential solar is performing fabulous, and we've been able to provide that same level of joy and satisfaction to many, many customers throughout San Diego County.

If you've been thinking of solar for your home or business, contact me for free, no obligation solar evaluation and proposal.

Here's what you can expect when I come to your place - Our Three Step Process:

Step 1)  During the initial "in home" visit, you will

     *  Learn how solar works

     *  Learn about the state and federal rebates

     *  Learn about the monthly savings on your SDGE bill

     *  Learn how solar increases your property value

     *  Learn about financing options

     *  Get ALL your solar questions answered

Step 2)  We get on your roof with a "Suneye" (GPS based measuring device) and measure the sun harvest and check shading issues as well as verifying panel placement according to the new fire code.  We also inspect your breaker box for appropriate size and capacity.

Step 3) We present you with a proposal stating the cost, specific equipment, installation process, projected production and savings, as well as equipment warranties.

No Gifts, No Gimmicks….Just Straight Talk!

Serving all of San Diego County!