Why Choose Pure Solar Power?

We equate a successful solar installation to the game of football. A winning football team has three equal facets to their game: an Offense, a Defense, and a Special Team that handles punting, kickoffs, field goals, and field position. Although the offense and defense get the majority of the press, the game is won or lost with the special teams.

A solar installation also has three major components: Equipment, Price, and Installation. While the majority of time and consideration is spent on equipment and price, the installation is significantly important to the success of the solar system. We use the highest quality equipment available, LG Mono X Neon Modules with a 0-3% Positive Power Tolerances. And high efficient Enphase Microinverter system to increase safety, reliability, and the aesthetics of the completed project. We believe that we are competitively priced in the marketplace.

So that brings us to the Special Teams – the installation -- a portion of the project most often overlooked as to its importance. This is an area that we EXCEL! We have full understanding of the various roof structures and coverings, shingle, clay tile, cement tile, flat gravel as well as ground mounting of modules. The way that shading will affect your production as well as proper pitch and orientation of the modules will also add to the efficiency of your system. That’s why we spent days on the roofs of your buildings with the “SunEye 210” taking accurate measurements and survey maps, tracking and plotting the sun and identifying shading issues.

Pure Solar Power Owner Jeff Konek has a tremendous amount of expertise as a roofing contractor that he brings to the table. He is seasoned player, not a rookie, and has a passion for this business that is immeasurable. We believe that we have constructed a game plan that will give you a highly efficient, high quality, moderately priced solar system to combat the rising cost of electricity.

A well constructed game plan has the ability to change. There may be alternative solutions and nuances that can be incorporated in the plan and really need to be articulated to you to fully describe the methodology that does not lend itself to the pages of a proposal.

For you to receive full benefit from our proposal, we enthusiastically request that we be present to address these alternatives and to provide clarification to any questions that may arise. We take all projects very seriously, and we want to be certain that you have full understanding of this winning game plan!


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