Home Improvement-Solar Energy

Hello Friends and Visitors!

I’m so glad you found my website and are exploring solar options for your home or business.  You’ve come to the right place as this is a One-Stop-Shop for information.

We know that the topic of solar can seem daunting to some, and you may have tendency to run away screaming when you hear the word solar!  You’ve been inundated by phone calls, mailers, and solar reps knocking on your door.

To help solve the mystery of what solar is all about, we are communicating in easy-to-understand language that keeps it simple.  I may even throw in some humor just to mix things up!

With that said, we realize it is no laughing matter that local electric rates are constantly going up and that many are experiencing SDGE bills that are astronomical.

Solar energy is a viable solution that can allow you to run your air conditioner in the summer and furnace in the winter guilt-free!

I encourage you to browse through this website and Discover the Features, Advantages and Benefits of Solar and see if it is viable energy solution for you!

Dave Steele – East County Solar Guy